Coupe Q AAN Swapped

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Coupe Q AAN Swapped

Postby jolio1994 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:37 pm

Rust free 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro. The interior and exterior of the car is in great condition, especially for its age, but I think the photos will do the talking. $6500

Videos from Youtube linked here:
Outside/Passenger Acceleration:
Cluster/Gauge Operation:

-AAN 2.2 Turbo Engine
-AAN ECU fully integrated into the stock harness
-New EFI Coilpack Conversion
-AAN Flywheel, Clutch, and Pressure plate
-AAN Downpipe to a side exit in front of the rear passenger wheel
-7a Valve Cover
-3B Intake Manifold
-3B Fuel Rail with -6 AN fittings
-3B Coolant manifold
-S2 Intercooler and modified Crossover pipe
-034 Silicon S2 Intercooler piping
-034 Silicon 3B Breather hoses with new flame deflector and PVC valve
-OEM Audi S2 Bumper
-Lowered on H&R Red's

-BBS Replica 17x8.5
-Thule Roof rack

I did throw of some pictures of the car (Not in it's current state, but to show what the car looks like with wheels and roof rack)
-I will be including a set of Audi Cabrio Wheels that came on the car when I bought them. They have almost brand new all seasons on them.
-Also included is the stock front bumper which was recently repainted by me, and only had to take off because of fitment issues with the intercooler.

The not so good.
The car is driveable, and sounds amazing, I'm just having issues with the compression on Cylinder 1. Dry test has it as 90psi while a wet test reads 150psi. With that comes blow by and blue smoke at idle so the rings might need to be redone on them. Car was issues a rebuilt title back in 1995 due to a minor collision with a tree on the passenger side and the door and fender were replaced with no signs of frame damage. ECU and wiring are exposed on the passenger side footwell and will need to be tucked, just haven't had the time nor the desire.

I have been told by a few out there that the motor is fine and low on compression because it's been sitting for so long, and that once it is broken in it will go back up to normal. The smoke is from an incorrect PVC system. However between this and moving, I think this might be the last straw for me. That said I am slightly negotiable on the price, I can always rebuild it if that's what it takes. I don't need help selling it, and surely don't need scammers. Located in Middletown, NY but I'm set to drive the car to my home down in Little Egg Harbor, NJ soon. No set price as of now so feel free to drop a reasonable offer or PM me. Lowballers will be ignored. NO TRADES

Image20180603_163005 by Joel Francisco

Image20180603_163557 by Joel Francisco

Image2018-05-31_09-29-00 by Joel Francisco

Image2018-06-13_12-29-27 by Joel Francisco

Image20180318_131020 by Joel Francisco

Image20180513_095725 by Joel Francisco

Image2018-06-14_05-40-36 by Joel Francisco

Image20180418_063920 by Joel Francisco

Image20180420_134603 by Joel Francisco

Image20180407_175946 by Joel Francisco

Image20171123_142741 by Joel Francisco

Image20180614_173535 by Joel Francisco

Image11 by Joel Francisco

Image12 by Joel Francisco

Image14 by Joel Francisco

Image14.3 by Joel Francisco

Image14.5 by Joel Francisco

Image17 by [url=]Joel Francisco[/ur
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