TCombs UrS4, Fan and brakes, again.

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Re: TCombs UrS4, Steering rack boot.

Postby mrdeye » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:09 am

CVJ Axles remanufactures power steering racks. I believe they have one in stock. I was going to get it but I sold my S6. They pressure test them with air then with p/s fluid. They have been doing it for 31yrs. It might be around $350 + your core. Stevison Toyota West, over in Golden, Co is one of our biggest accounts. They stock our parts. :geek:
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Re: TCombs UrS4, Steering rack boot.

Postby TCombs » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:54 pm

I need some help. I know I have jumped around a lot asking different questions, I'm just trying to get a parts list together. But there are two things right now that need more attention then others.
First is my fan noise. I have a noise, almost like a bad belt and a roaring noise from the engine especially in first and second gear. I thought it was the belt tensioner bearing so I replaced that with a brand new bearing (Volvo). That didn't seem to help even though I was glad I replaced it because there was a ton of stuff inside. So next, I replaced the fan clutch bearing, both were posted earlier in this thread. Still the same noise. I think my next thing is to get the power steering pump replaced and change out the fan clutch. Would either of these things help with the noise I am experiencing?

Second, I need some brake help. I posted about this not to long ago and need some help finding some parts. I currently have 993 front brakes (big blacks, not the REDs/993 TT) They are just the standard Carrera 993 brakes. Finding pads wont be a problem, I just have to find 993 pads. The rotors are the item in question. 993 brakes have a big center sore, way bigger then Audi. The current rotors are a two piece crossed drilled rotor. I would like to stay with that design but I can find any rotors that work. I was doing some research but could quite find what I was looking for. I believe I can use D2 A8 rotors, but do I need the standard A8, A8L or S8 rotors. From what I could find they are all different. I would like to stick with a two piece but I can't find a two piece with the same hub bore as our Audi's. I think I can re-use my current hat but if I do I would like to find new hardware to go with it, if not get new hats depending on the cost.
I posted earlier and "vt10vt" had told me his experience and said to stick with 993 calipers. But I do have a set of 996 calipers. Would it be worth/easier to switch to the 996 calipers?

Any help would be greatly appreciate. I am still new to the UrS cars and need a bit of guidance.
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Re: TCombs UrS4, Fan and brakes, again.

Postby speedydtp247 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:07 pm

To save money from throwing on parts to chase a noise buy this as this will help pin point where the noise is coming from exactly.
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