Need T44/D11/C4 rear suspension weights

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Need T44/D11/C4 rear suspension weights

Postby pilihp2 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:37 pm

Copy and pasting from my facebook group posts

Hey all.
Anybody out there with a T44/D11/C4 with rear suspension that is apart and off the car and want to help me out with my coilover guide?

ISO T44/C4/D11 Rear suspension weight measurements. Trying to get unsprung weight and forgot to measure weights when I had mine apart a few months ago. Got the fronts this past weekend when finishing up my coil install.

I need the weights of the rear control arms, Hubs, tierods, shocks(not springs), and brakes.
Essentially anything attached to the Spindle/Hub area. (anything that is unpsrung obviously)

Need pretty exact weight. Prefereablly not rounded up or down to the next pound. Whatever weight measurement you give me I can work with.
Really appreciate any help anybody can give me

Something to add that I didn't add to Facebook. If anybody has corner weighted their T44/C4/D11 that would help me out a boat load. I corner weighted mine a few years ago and cannot find the picture I took of it anywhere.
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