Phil's 20vt 5ktq, "TurdQuat" RaceCor

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Re: Phil's 20vt 5ktq, "TurdQuat" RaceCor

Postby pilihp2 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:28 pm

little beet of an update
Pulling my hair out dealing with trigger issues.

Replaced trigger sensor wiring to attempt to resolve trigger error issues i was having past 3000 rpms.
Also replaced the LS2 coils with 2.0t coils

Now the trigger errors are so bad it's not drive-able.
I'm pretty certain it's a ground I'm missing but holy shit I just wanna go beat on this thing.

On the plus side, found a silver V8 bumper a while back. On the negative, pick n pull destroyed the rear bumper so I could only get the front.
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