Wagner Intake into 4000 with 01E

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Wagner Intake into 4000 with 01E

Postby Namreg Rac » Tue May 16, 2017 1:12 pm

Hey guys, I recently installed an 01E amongst a whole slew of other things, I've been out of the forum game for a while.

I decided to tackle the installation of the Wagner intake manifold on my AAN'd 4000Q. Needless to say I've had to modify some things.

1. Added an extension to the inlet so that the throttlebody doesn't hit the 90Q power steering pump mounted on the AAN Serpent belt bracket.

2. Rotated the position of the throttle body mounting flange on the extension so that it sits horizontal as opposed to vertical.

3. Made a custom adjustable throttle cable mounting bracket.

So I have an 01E installed with Iroz RS2 mounts. I've shimmed the motor down around 6mm and I have it pushed back as far as my notched motor mounts will allow. These 2 things seem to be binding my shift linkage in the forward gears due to the horizontal position of the trans. Also, due to the engine being pushed back i seem to be very close to the subframe contacting the oil pan. If I move the engine forward a bit I should be able to shim everything down a little more. Even with the motor shimmed 6mm I still contact the hood with the Wagner. So my plan is to move the motor forward a little bit so that I can shim the trans and the engine down more.

I've read that there are counterfeit Wagners (I know, clone of a clone of a clone) that are taller then the authentic ones. Does anybody have any information on that? Mine seems to be very tall.

I've also read that some people have mounted them right up with no shimming and using a phenolic spacer.

At this point I'm not sure if I can shim the motor/trans enough to clear the hood.

Does anybody have any links to B2 Chassis projects that have installed this Wagner Intake.

Any input would be welcome. I really don't want to cut out part of the metal under the hood.






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Re: Wagner Intake into 4000 with 01E

Postby carl » Fri May 26, 2017 11:49 am

I'd just cut the runners and fix/move the isv port to the back while there and refinish it. Top is pretty rough looking, could use some sanding and buffing anyways. There's this http://www.wagnertuning.com/verify.php but looks like there's db connection issues.
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